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Saturday, 17 March 2018

How to Easy Learn 1 to 100 Tables


28×1 2 = 2 8 = 28


28×2 2 = 4 16 = 56


(4+1)Lno bijo ank
28×3 2 = 6 24 = 84


(6+2)Lno bijo ank
28×4 2 = 8 32 = 112


(8+3)Lno bijo ank
28×5 2 = 10 40 = 140


(10+4)Lno bijo ank
28×6 2 = 12 48 = 168


(12+4)Lno bijo ank
28×7 2 = 14 56 = 196


(14+5)Lno bijo ank
28×8 2 = 16 64 = 224


(16+6)Lno bijo ank
28×9 2 = 18 72 = 252


(18+7)Lno bijo ank
28×10 2 = 20 80 = 280


(20+8)Lno bijo ank

Thursday, 15 March 2018

How To Reset CPF Password

How to reset forgot password of cra nsdl cpf account.. 

 1. go to website  https://cra-nsdl.com click here

 2. Subcribers...
 3. Click forgot password... 
see image

 You have 2 option

1. Reset password using secret question
2. Instant Reset I-PIN
  • If you wish to set/reset your I-PIN using the secret Question and Answer (set by you at the time of initial login), please select the option "Reset password using secret question".

  •  If you wish to set/reset your I-PIN and activate the same through One Time Password (OTP) or through Nodal Office / Point of Presence, please select the option "Instant Reset I-PIN".

see this image


Generate password...
*You have 2 option

1. nodal office 2. generate Otp...

if you select nodal office....
Pran no...
new password....
confirm password....
enter captcha code....

then you wait few days
nodal office confirm your password you can get notification in your registerd email id & mobile...then you can use your new password for cra nsdl account.
see this image
If you select... generate Otp

Pran no...
Receive Otp via.... select sms or email 
New password....
Confirm password....
Enter captcha code....

you can get Otp.... by sms or email
you insert your Otp in website
after you can use your new password......
Login using I PIN
First Time login:
After logging to CRA website for the first time, you will have to accept to the terms and conditions for using CRA website and Interactive Voice Response facility (IVR). On acceptance of the terms and conditions, you will be directed to set your new password for using CRA website. You will also be set your Secret Question for the purpose of resetting your password, in the event you forget your password. The password you create should be alpha-numeric with at least one special character (!,@,#,$,%,^,&,_). The length of the password should be between 8 and 14 characters.

You should also set your secret question for the purpose of resetting your I-Pin, in the event you forget your I-Pin. The length of the answer should at least be of 8 characters
Access to CRA denied:
Access to CRA may be denied due to the following reasons:
  • Incorrect User id provided
  • Incorrect password provided - If you have forgotten your password, you may reset it by answering the secret question through 'Forgot Password' link or submit a request for a re-issue of I-Pin through your PAO/POP-SP in case the user is subscriber or to CRA in case the user is PAO/POP-SP.
"As a safety measure to prevent unauthorised access, the account will be locked if the user enters incorrect password for five consecutive attempts. The user shall have an option to reset the password by answering the secret question even after the account is locked. In case the user is not able to remember the answer to the secret question and is unsuccessful in resetting the password, the user shall have to submit a request for reissue of I-Pin."
To prevent misuse please:
  • Change your password after your first login.
  • Memorise your password and destroy the I-Pin mailer.
  • Do not write your password for reference.
  • Do not disclose your password to anyone.
  • After login, do not use to "Back" and "Forward" button in your browser to navigate. For security purpose, the same has been disabled. Any attempt to use those buttons will result in a logout.
  • It is advisable to change your password at regular intervals.

Thanks......visit again